Electric cars, Alternative fuel vehicles, Fuel economy.

Solar energy, wind turbines, green energy

Saving energy, Energy star products, Home appliances.

Recycling, Recycling CDs, videotapes, and floppydisks. Donate your old computer.

Genetically altered foods.

Politics, Who supports your views, voice your opinion to your representitives.

Where to invest your money responsibly.

Research, science, learning and information resources.

our local environment, Pollution and sources of pollution in your area.

Buy recycled, Products, gifts, cosmetics, etc.












































































































































  Below are a collection of evronmental links, sources for solar and wind energy, information about elcectric and alternative energy vehicles, places to recycle CDs video tapes and other things, information about pollution and environmental concerns in your area




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Alternative Fuel, Electric Cars, Fuel Economy and more:

Post bumper stickers on SUVs that read "I'm Changing the climate! Ask me how." Information about how to get better fuel economy and global warming. http://www.changingtheclimate.com/

Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas. http://www.evaa.org/

If you are thinking about buying an electric car go here.You have to pay for the site but it contains a wealth of information on every electric vehicle that exists. ElectricCars.com http://www.electriccars.com/

Alternative fuel vehicles are available to everyone. Used vehicles can be converted to run on natural gas, electric, ethanol or bi-fuels. Rebates and tax deductions are available. Want to learn more? Go to: http://www.naturalfuels.com/

The Fuel Economy site is maintained by the US Deparment of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, and lists, among other things, automobile fuel efficency ratings. Fuel Economy Site http://www.fueleconomy.gov/

How much does you vehicle pollute? Environmental defence has created an internet based calculator that will allow you to figure out how much CO2 you car puts into the atmosphere: http://www.edf.org/cgi-bin/tailpipetally.pl

Are you an employer? You can make a difference in the fuel economy of the american fleet by encouraging your employees to commute to work by alternative methods. How?
The federal government's Commuter Choice program allows employers to offer their employees federal tax-exempt ansit or vanpool benefits if they carpool, telecommute, bicycle, or walk.
If you are not an employer, ask your boss to participate in the program.
Commuter Choice http://www.epa.gov/oms/transp/comchoic/ccweb.htm

Solar energy, Wind energy, Green Energy, Renewable and Clean Energy:

"Green Energy" What does this mean? How do you get green energy? How do you know if the supplier you have chosen is actually green? http://www.green-e.org/

Geothermal Energy http://www.geoexchange.org/

If you live in Colorado and are intersted in clean energy choices, there's a great resource available to you: A booklet called "Colorado,s Clean Energy Choices." This booklet provides basic information about green power from Colorado utilities around the state. It also has information on wind and solar power for farming, home energy, and other uses. Colorado's Clean Energy Choices (PDF format)

Adobe acrobat Reader (free PDF reader) http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html

These pages provide information specific to buying and installing a small wind turbine in some of the US states. Check out this site and see if you can get yourself a wind turbine. American Wind Energy association: Small Wind http://www.awea.org/smallwind/index.html/

If you want to help your community go solar, visit the GoingSolar Website. The site is sponsored by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and offers information kits with videos, public service announcements, fact sheets, brochures, photos, posters, and more.
Make a difference in your town. GoingSolar http://irecusa.org/goingsolar/

1st Solar Products
First Solar Products is your source for organic goods at A Happy Planet, clean air merchandise, solar educational materials, solar informational books, electric scooters, free eBooks, hand-pushed grocery carts, hard-to-find items, solar appliances, solar batteries and chargers, solar fans, solar flashlights, solar lights, solar radios, computer hardware and software at TigerDirect, vacations and more. Makes great gifts!

CREST center for renewable energy and sustainable technology: all sorts of information on renewable energy. http://www.crest.org

Energy Saving Appliances, Saving Energy, Consuming Less:

The Alliance to Save Energy has a very cool site that I would recomend you visit. You can get information on cutting bills, cleaning the air in your house, choosing appliances, and much more. Alliance to Save Energy http://www.ase.org/consumer/

If every american home were equiped with only Energy Star products, Energy bills (and greenhouse gas emmissions) woulsd be cut by about 30% Visit the Energy Star site to find out more about compliant products and stores that carry them. Energy Star http://www.energystar.gov/

The Center for a New American Dream is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and institutions reduce and shift consumption to enhance quality of life and protect the environment. http://www.newdream.org/

Recycling, Computer Recycling, Recycling Information:

GreenDisk recycles old floppy disks, CDs, videotapes and prepares them for resale. Not only can you purchase recycled disks, but you can send them old or defective disks and the'll shred the disks and recycle the plastic and metal. This is a great source for new disks if you purchase many for your office. http://www.greendisk.com

WASTE TO WEALTH Community Development through Reuse and Recycling. Institute for Local Self Reliance. http://www.islr.org

For information on how to recycle your computer hardware and other things, check out the Recyclers Worls site: http://www.recycle.net/

Computer Recycling AnotheR BytE, Inc.
a nonprofit IRS tax-exempt computer recycling & reuse organization with a world wide focus toward bridging the Digital Divide http://www.recycles.org/byte/index.htm

Detwiler Foundation accepts used computers from companies and individuals. This company refurbishes the computers and sends them to underprivileged schools. Call (800-234-6156) or go to the web site: http://www.detwiler.org/

NATIONAL COMPUTER DONATION DATABASE - Click here to search for donors and donation seekers.Click here to submit free listings of computer donation offers and requests.Schools, nonprofit organizations and people with disabilities are listed in this database. http://sharetechnology.org/

Genetically Altered Foods:

The Campain to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

Keep Nature Natural http://www.keepnatural.org/

Alliance for Bio-integrity.org http://www.bio-integrity.org/

Finding Farmers Markets One sure way to stop sprawl is to support your local farmers. Your local farmers market is probably the best way you can do this. You can also ensure that you are getting the freshest vegtables you can. Here,s a website to help you find your local farmer's market: http//www.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/

The Greenpeace True Food Network With your help, we will demand that the U.S. public gets the same protection that food companies promise their customers in Europe. By joining the free True Food Network, you will join a group of concerned consumers who will work together to demand foods that are free of genetic engineering. http://www.greenpeaceusa.org/forms/gelist

Politics, Who Supports your Views, Voice Your Views to your Representitves:

The League of Conservation voters has assembled a list of elected officials who consistently exhibit steadfast support for pro-environmental measures. View the list online at: League of Conservation Voters http://www.lcv.org/

A coalition of conservation groups have a site where you can voice your views about environmental issues. Fax a letter to your representitive about various environmental issues. SaveOurEnvironment.org

Where to Invest Your Money Responsibly:

Sites that give advise on where to invest responsibly.
The sites below are excellent sources for information about companies and thier ethical conduct, environmental and social policies:

Buisness for social Responsibility (BSR) http://www.bsr.org

Co-Op America http://www.coopamerica.org

Good Money http://www.goodmoney.com

SocialFunds.com http://www.socialfunds.com

Social Investment Forum http://www.socialinvest.org

Research, Science, Learning, and Information Resources:

Sustainability2000 The online global convention and learning zone for sustainable development. http://www.sustainability2000.org

Unoin or Concerned Scientists: citizens and scientists for environmental solutions http://www.ucsusa.org

Resource for quality books on the environment Island Press, the environmental publisher. http://www.islandpress.org

Visit Worldwatch Online Welcome to the Worldwatch Institute Online. Worldwatch is a nonprofit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.

Your Local Environment, Pollution and Sources of Pollution in Your Area:

the Scorecard site was created by the Environmental Defense to let you quickly access local environmental information.Explore interactive maps that track various pollution sources and see how your city compares with the rest of the nation. http://www.scorecard.org/

Find out if your local golf cource is eco-friendly. The effect of a golf cource on the local enviroment cannot be understated. On average a golf cource uses a dozen pounds of pesticides per acre annually, and enough water to supply a town of 8,000. Audubon Internatioal provides a seal of accomplishment for a golf cource. Since the early 1990s, 2,500 cources have applied for certification. Audubon Internatioal http://www.audubonintl.org/

DURSBAN BANNED! On June 8, 2000, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned virtually all home uses of Dursban. This chemical is sprayed on crops, and used in many household productssuch as flea collars, and bug spray. The chemical is linked to memory loss, neurological dysfunction, and other health problems. Go here to find out more: http://www.bandursban.org

Buy Recycled, Products, Gifts, Safe Cosmetics Etc.

Natural, Earthfriendly, resources to personal care products:
Burt's Bees
Jurlique http://www.jurlique.com
NaturElle http://www.naturalbeauty.com
Origins http://www.origins.com

NatureProducts from Ethnic Minorities
Environment friendly productrs
from cultural communities of hill tribes at the Golden Triangle

Zenway creates wonderful bags, hats, purses, laptop holders and other items made from latex harvested from Amazonian rubber trees. The material is extracted by local farmers via a process that does not harm the trees. These products are great because they support sustainable farming in the Amazon. Zenway http://www.zenway.net/

Garbage the Game is a fun, fast-paced environmental board game designed to raise awareness of pollution prevention, waste minimization, and common solid waste disposal practices. Designed for 2 to 7 players, ages 8 to 80, the object of the game is for each player to dispose of all his/her garbage in one of 9 different dumpsites while retaining the largest bank account. http://www.garbagethegame.ca/

Biodegradable disposable diapers. A diaper that is good for both the child and the environment. http://www.norseanatural.com/











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